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Rebecca, Creative Director

Hugo, Founder

Dappled Interiors was founded and is managed by Award Winning Interior Designer Rebecca Jones. And it’s her flair for ultimate style and passion for unique character which makes each and every project we work on a fascinating style story…

Where does your inspiration come from?

“Anywhere and everywhere! From a stunning paint finish on a car to a bedspread in a shop window. Just a snippet of colour, texture or moment in time can spark inspiration for a whole house! It can be quite random, but it makes every project different – It’s exciting to see where that spark might take us”.

Why do you feel having an interior designer for home or work is so good?

“When we buy pieces from the high street, we have been told what’s on trend, rather than what matches us and our personality. When clients work with us, we are able to draw out their character and reflect that in all elements of the room. It’s all about YOU. You are the inspiration, and our passion for creativity lets it shine through”.

What would you say makes Dappled Interiors so unique?

“Whilst our work is of superior quality and is back by multiple brands such as Grand Designs, we offer an incredible personal, friendly service. We like each and every person we work with to feel comfortable allowing us into their own spaces. And with the adventure we go on from the very first meeting to the final finishing touches, it’s easy to see how we really do become fabulous friends!”

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