Interior Styling

Interior Styling

Itchy fingers (as opposed to ‘feet’) is something I get regularly until I have had a fabulous revamp in the room that’s next on the to-do list. For some, that ‘do’ date comes and goes, as it can often be so difficult to stand back and imagine what your room could be at it's very best!

If 'said' room was to join you for an evening of cocktails and canopies, or the most wonderful boho festival, (hey.. whatever your into!) our full interior styling service is a one-to-one service that finds out exactly what you're about and with that pinpoints what your dream style would be. We then throw ourselves in to a room of samples and swatches, and only leave when your unique moodboard is complete. Once you’ve fallen in love with the design, we pop back and complete it all for you.

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How it works

Stage 1

Fill in the questionnaire you will receive in your confirmation email.

Stage 2

I will then ask you to gather inspirational images from magazines/catalogues and put together a pinterest board of ideas you like.

Stage 3

We arrange for a visit to discuss your needs, run through your questionnaire and cuttings you have gathered. From this we can put together a brief. We will also gather dimensions of the room.

Stage 4

I put together a colourway board

Stage 5

If your happy with the colourway I will put together a physical moodboard of which we will run through one to one.

Stage 6

Once you are happy with this I will then shop for the perfect products, furniture and finishes to bring your design to life. I will also supply you with a room plan including where the sourced items should be placed. This will then be popped into a ‘shopping list’ so you can select the pieces you desire. (or purchased to budget)

Stage 7

We will come out install items and style your space


Full styling
This will always depend on the size and number of rooms you want styling. The phrase ‘perfection takes time’ is so true when talking interiors! After all, we want you to be wowed by the finished design! A completion date will be set after you’re one to one consultation.
Well naturally, we would take ourselves to a darkened room, eat a whole tub of Ben & Jerryies and mope for approximately 2weeks! But no, on a serious note the whole point of what we offer is to give you exactly what you love, even if you don’t know what it is yet. We listen and take in every aspect of your likes and dislikes to the extent you may even be happily surprised at what we uncover when in comes to the perfect look for you.