Rainy, dull shopping days….

Rainy, dull shopping days….

Rainy, dull shopping days….

On a rainy, dull day like today, shoppers want to quickly grab what they forced themselves out of their nice warm bubbles called ‘home’ for as quickly as possible and run straight back! So, it’s super important to throw as much excitement at a window display as possible to break their rainy tunnel vision!

This may be in the way of beautifully lit, textured, coloured cubes that product sits on top of; to dancing neon dogs showcasing the latest knitted dog fashion! Ok, the latter seems a little extreme I know, BUT face it… you’d stop and stare wouldn’t you?!

As cliché as the saying ‘think outside the box’ (or should I say ‘window’) is, it is certainly the way to go. Some perfect examples of exactly that…

Louis Vuitton

I love how the designer has taken a straightforward, old school-looking mannequin and accentuated the arms to give huge impact. An amazing way to showcase multiple products without looking over crowded.
Changing aspects of the norm is one great way of grabbing potential customers’ attention.

Bottega Veneta

I adore this concept to the extent that I’m annoyed I didn’t think of it first! Taking a colour-way and introducing it to a giant everyday item! Huge impact – this is one that will drag customers inside the store for more.

Remember, you need to stop people in their already planned tracks – bold and creative is key! You won’t get new passing custom by sticking to the norm (boring) on these wet, windy days. So think weird, think wonderful and certainly think excitement! In fact, think all the things you want your customer to feel and put that into the space.