Let’s escape to another world

Let’s escape to another world


No matter what our days, weeks, months consist of, I can guarantee there will be a point where you will at least once think ‘I wish I could escape’. It’s something we dream of when things aren’t quite going our way. After all, there’s no big boy toys to throw out of our prams anymore! It’s the next best thing without showing all other surrounding adults that you are quite possibly LOSING THE PLOT.

This is one reason why creating another world, an escape, is a great backbone for a window display – it’s relatable and with that it’s most certainly inviting.

Be it a snowy wonderland within a deep dark forest full of festive critters gently gripping designer handbags between their gnashers, to a quick visit high up in the skies with fluffy marshmallow clouds pillowing high-end skiwear accessories.

Whatever the theme, done well you can transport customers into that ‘happy place’ and of course that happy place now wouldn’t be as happy without having the product showcased within it!


Dior’s window takes us into a tropical rainforest full of drama and beauty. Without the customer realising, the garments now provoke the same emotions as their surroundings. You would get a totally different feel to the clothing if they were simply placed on a white backdrop.

So think big – another world big!