Follow the yellow brick road

Follow the yellow brick road

Shopping, shopping, shopping… isn’t it just the most enjoyable way to spend an afternoon?

From setting yourself the challenge to try and find a gift for your best friend that will beat all other gifts ever received (but of course, you have next to no time to do it in!), to spending hours wandering carefree with the intention of treating yourself to all the delights you spotted in the latest issue of Vogue. Hey, even if it’s just browsing the high street – shopping simply couldn’t be an easier option when it comes to passing the time!

When a customer heads into your store, you want to make sure that ‘shopping’ turns into physical purchasing! One great way to do exactly that is to make a path for your customers to follow – create that yellow brick road!

Creating a pathway through your store makes sure customers see every square inch of what you have to offer; this then makes it much more likely that they will spend.

Take a look at Anthropology and their way of achieving this…

They create pathways by dropping in interesting visuals that draw the eyes over to the starting point. When the customer arrives, they give a gentle push to continue their journey around the store. This is achieved by placing interesting pieces of furniture that double up as product displays, essentially blocking what would be a customer’s natural route – the clear run – and allowing them to visit each and every area of your store.

So get barricading those left and right turns, and keep your customers on the right purchasing path!