Roll up! Roll up!

Roll up! Roll up!

New products landing in store should always be hyped up! ‘You can’t possibly go through life without this amazing new shiny, pretty, never-been-seen-before product!’. The best way to scream exactly that is to create the most spectacular in-store product display.

Launching a new chocolate bar? Have a giant 3D version that customers can scratch and sniff, or why not have a bespoke room fragrance made up to smell just like the new chocolate? This can then be pumped into the air around the giant bar (smells incredible – I’ll take them all!!!).
Yes, as you’ve probably guessed, as a child I was desperate to be one of those kids with a golden ticket, trying out all the Willy Wonka goodies! And at 29 I still am!

I jest, but to be totally honest, when promoting a product like a chocolate bar, you want customers to feel as though they have gone back in time to those excitable kids running down to the local sweet shop to spend every penny of their well-earned pocket money!

Take at look at one of the Monki store displays – this does it extremely well! The display takes you back to that fun fair where you couldn’t possibly have had more fun!

The design works on so many levels:

• The colours hit you as soon as you walk into the store and draw you straight over to the product.
• The carousel structure evokes happy, carefree, childlike feelings, which hand-in-hand gives the garments the same vibes.
• Then, last but not least, the multiple heights that the items sit at. I love how the clothing is placed; it effortlessly takes the customer from the lower end, right around to the other side. Genius in my eyes! You’re forcing the customer, in the most pleasing way possible, to look at every single item of clothing on the display.

Think about what would make you march straight over to a display to stand and stare – that is the best place to start when trying to create a ‘Roll up, Roll up’ (as I like to call it) in-store product display.