Mmm… make it Super Large!

Mmm… make it Super Large!

Mmm… make it Super Large!?!

No matter what form it comes in, going large is always a treat!

When you’ve completed your order at the local takeaway, they always ask ‘Would you like to go large?’. You reply ‘Nooo, I really shouldn’t’, but in your head you’re thinking ‘Hell yes, that would be amazing’! When you think of the most impressive engagement ring, you think ‘MASSIVE precious stone’… or is that just me?!

Either way, going large or super-sizing is most certainly one way to grab a customer’s attention.

Look at this window display for a Bally store. The giant hammer smacks you in the face (ouch!) then immediately takes your eyes down to the product. Without the use of any explanatory window graphics you know exactly what this store offers… and that’s from the opposite side of the road! I love it!

Using giant props isn’t just about telling potential customers what you offer; it could be to show what your brand is about. You, my friend, are so ‘out there’, fabulous, quirky and a little bit mad!

This has to be one of my favourite approaches to a window display – after all, there are no defined, set rules on how a window display should look and work (no matter who tells you the opposite!). So why not push the boat out – straight out of the glass and onto the walkway if you’re feeling risky! (Just make sure you check with your local council first!)

Louis Vuitton have achieved this extremely well with this rather wacky golden dinosaur display. How could you not stop and stare? It’s a golden T-Rex holding a handbag – I’m sold! Even if the products within a window like this weren’t that amazing, I would personally still be heading straight into the store, even if it was just to hunt down more of these incredible metallic bones!

Either way, you’re on to a winner as you’ve got the customer through the doors!

It’s all about grabbing the attention of those passers by, engaging with them and hopefully making them smile, ready to enter the shop in the most positive ‘ready to spend, spend, spend’ mood!