The Grand Shed Project!

The Grand Shed Project!


WE WON!!!! 

Dappled Interiors is now the ‘Grand Shed Designer Of The Year 2017’



Yes, I know what you’re thinking…! I’ve clearly gone mad as I’ve said the words ‘grand’ and ‘shed’ in the same title.

Stay with me on this one, you will be very pleasantly surprised. I am about to tell you that the words ‘grand’ and ‘shed’ do in fact go together – actually, they go together perfectly!

Out with those tool-stashing metal shelves and in with luxury crushed velvets and chandeliers. From now on a shed can in fact be an extension of your home as opposed to a four walled, dusty, soil smelling room at the bottom of the garden.

We are super excited to tell you that we’ve been asked to create our version of outdoor heaven at Grand Designs Live by taking part in the Grand Shed Project at the end of this month!

The concept: The Reading Snug

No matter how big your house may or may not be, we all need our own little space to retreat – a place to escape from everyday stresses. One of the best ways to do just that is to pop all those worries on the other side of a door, and close yourself inside the perfect tension-relieving snug.

People say ‘losing yourself in a good book is the best way to switch off’, and I couldn’t agree more!

Dark, inky hues give a ‘wrapped up in a warm fluffy blanket’ feel; this mixed with rich gold metallics brings a touch of grandness and drama – much like the perfect novel. ‘What worries?’ I hear you say…

We can’t wait to see you there and hopefully we’ll inspire you to run straight back home, with all the beautiful textiles and paints you can get your newly inspired hands on!


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