Cardboard box mountains – Grand Designs Live

Cardboard box mountains – Grand Designs Live

Cardboard box mountains – Grand Designs Live

Wow, I’m not sure these two months could have gone quicker than they have! Since receiving the email inviting me to design my idea of ‘shed heaven’ at Grand Designs Live, it’s been a little bonkers!

From the relaxed and calm feelings of making my concept’s moodboard ‘The Reading Snug’ (basically my vision of ultimate comfort and happiness in room-form), to the OCD-conjuring stacks of cardboard boxes bursting full of books and interior accessories that I currently surround myself with! Excitement has now fully kicked in to bring the idea to life (and have a home and office emptied of all box mountains! Aaand breathe!)

I love spending as much of my spare time outdoors as possible – well that mixed with a rather unhealthy amount of time throwing myself at every shop display in TKMaxx trying to find those hidden gems! – I digress! So with that said, this brief was a dream.

With our lovely British weather being super unpredictable at the best of times, I wanted to bring something we do indoors every few days/weeks to the outdoors come rain or shine. After all, why should a spot of torrential rain stop us!

One thing us Brits love to do is curl up with a cuppa and a good book, so that’s exactly where the idea started. I wanted to create a space that would draw you in and make you feel as though you never want to leave! Choosing dark, cosy colours to make you feel as snug as a bug, teamed with gold metallic accessories gives a sense of grandness. So go grab your favourite novel and join us!

We can’t wait to hear what you think of the finished design. Make sure you pop over to say hi and tell me your thoughts!


Now back to boxing up beauties!

See you at Grand Designs Live, Stand G235


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