Be Brave… Colour Brave!

Be Brave… Colour Brave!

Be Brave… Colour Brave!

It’s so easy to play it safe when redecorating, when you’re stuck in the colour rut even adding a bolder brighter shade of your existing colour scheme can be terrifying… even though you’re pretty confident you will love the out come!

I say this time and time again, my number one top tip when it comes to colour confidence is – ‘you can repaint’ simple!

Why worry about what the outcome will be… yeahhhh you will have to trawl back to the paint store and yes you will have to spend another Saturday afternoon covered in paint (if your anything like me) BUT surly is it totally worth it when you find that perfect look you’ve wanted to go for every time you decided to redecorate!

Think of it this way…. once you’ve hit that perfectly coloured nail on the head you wont want to change it for years and years to come!!! It will in-fact become the one thing you will keep every time you want a new look. Sounds a little crazy I know, but believe it or not changing accessories and furnishings can be a more effective way of giving your room that ‘new look, new feel’.

So DO IT… BE BRAVE! Once you’ve found the room’s perfect colour you can focus on all the fun things… cushions, sofas, vases, chandeliers, all the many many pieces of wall art!… ahhh I need to stop! talking this way pushes me toward the ‘time for a room change again’.

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