Rented Doesn’t Mean Dull

Rented Doesn’t Mean Dull

Rented doesn’t have to mean dull

Ooooo that wicked wicked landlord not allowing you to drill holes in the walls and clad them with wooden panelling… how could they be so cruel? It’s still your home after all!

Ok the drilling and cladding is an extreme, but whether you rent or own your home you still want to put your stamp on the place you return to after those long days at work.

So how can you get round this?…. easy!… accessories as much as that home of yours can take!

You want to draw attention away from those sad magnolia walls and straight to the exciting areas in the rooms.

Some great examples of how to do exactly that:


  • Cushions and throws – the perfect way of bringing lots of colour and personality into a space. The more the better in this case, make sure to mix colours, textures and patterns.

Image Source - H&M Home

  • Floor standing mirrors and artwork – Mixing up different finishes and sized frames creates an interest point, pop in a couple of oversized pieces to create a full wall look. Lean these up against walls from the floor, on top of unused radiators, or if you’re lucky enough to have one or two layer as many as you can on shelving.

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  • Removable Wallpaper – Wallpaper has come along way, especially in the temporary sense. Head over to Etsy where you will find some perfect statement patterns for your walls. Your landlord will have a heart attack on first glance, but relief when you tell him it peels away no problem!

Image Source - TapetShow, Etsy

  • Plant life – This one is a must! It’s the easiest way of filling space quickly. You can bring in the illusion of a full and colourful room by adding an assortment of foliage. Pop trailing plants on the top of wall units and shelving to help fill wall space, fill those corners with a number of different height potted plants – one of my fave has to be the good old Rubber plant! With their wide spread they really fill dead space and brighten up any slightly shaded area with the most beautiful glossy vivid greens.

Image Source - Apartment