Grand Designs Live – Take2

Grand Designs Live – Take2

You simply can’t have enough Grand Designs in your life!… and with that said we were super excited to be asked to head back to Grand Designs Live again this coming October! But this time we get to design a room set! (eeeeeeeee)

Grand Designs set the theme rather broad this time round ‘Trend’ AKA anything we like! So we decided to create a design based on something you may see regularly, but executed in a way that makes it look unique. 

Our design is a bedroom based around a monochrome with splashes of bright and bold accent colours. We want to show visitors to the show that going down the monochrome route doesn’t necessarily mean white walls with black furnishings.

Head over to the Grand Designs Live website to see more on the feature and to book your tickets. 

Look forward to seeing you there!