Forever shed home!

Forever shed home!

Our Grand Designs London sheds have gone to their forever homes, and how lovely they are!

Back in April Grand Designs asked us to go wild making a 10×8 Waltons garden shed into an extension of the home. So we did! and created ‘The Reading Snug’

We had to be very sparing with paint, as quite a number of coats were needed for full coverage. Meaning we maaaaaayyy of left some unpainted sections under the rug and behind the painting on the back wall – ‘CHEATS’ I hear you scream! I do feel guilty now knowing people have a patchy shed. Although it is in very good hands so I have no doubt it will be fabulous!

Waltons decided to donate the sheds to a number of UK charities championing the benefits of gardening. The Reading Snug headed to Thrive, a charity that “delivers Social and Therapeutic Horticulture programmes in the former TV gardens in Kings Heath Park, Birmingham” 

We hope it brings you lots of happiness and safe tool keeping!!

Read more about this wonderful donation over on the Waltons website