Grand Designs Live – The concept behind the design

Grand Designs Live – The concept behind the design

Grand Designs Live – The concept behind the design

Once we received the Grand Design room set brief of ‘trend’ I was like a kid in a sweet shop! Trend to me means ‘what ever you fancy’… and after all there are sooo many ‘trend’ directions you can go in. Trending colours, trending fabrics and finishes, lighting trends… the list could go on and on!

So, with that, as mentioned in my previous GD Live blog, we decided to go down the route of something you see fairly often, but done in a way that gives a hugely different overall look. Monochrome with pops of colour!

We wanted to create a space that kept the eye engaged, every which way you look there was something of interest. We did this in a couple of different ways with pops of bright and bold colours throughout, to stripping back the bed and painting it back in on the wall.

For some reason (which truly upsets me at times!) beds often seem to be the focal point of many bedrooms. NO, NO, NO I say! Why is this?… Your bed doesn’t define you, however, the accessories you purchase because you can’t live without them do. Without you even knowing it, these items scream what you are about and that’s why you fell in love with them. This is exactly what I think is the most important part of any room design – YOU!

In terms of the painting we decided to flip the norm, so we painted the walls black and added an 80cm block of white that ran all around the bottom of the walls. We then painted the floor in the same white paint to give the illusion of the walls merging into the floors (I briefly regretted this whilst we were on the 5th coat of floor paint!).

I wanted the essential pieces of furniture, the bed and bedside tables to sink in to the background. To help achieve this, the bedside tables were bespoke and created in the simplest form possible. I rather liked the thought of them just leaning against the wall from the floor, giving them a very relaxed/non considered look. (The thought process that has to go into a non-considered look is rather crazy!!)

The bed was a flat pack ‘delight’! We unboxed, we put together and we chopped off the headboard! The headboard was removed so that we could paint it back in along with the bedside tables. This helped the bedside tables sink into the background and then helped the accessories to ‘pop-out’ even more!

We then extended the look of the headboard up the wall by adding trailing plants that slightly overhung the painted in headboard.

Then we sourced the perfect furniture and furnishings, that would pop right out of their surroundings! Again, I wanted the whole look to be about those furnishings and accessories you fall in love with and can’t live without.

A blog just on these pieces and the suppliers up next! 

The finished design…