Better ‘fashionably’ late than never!… right?

Better ‘fashionably’ late than never!… right?

Post Grand Designs Live has been rather crazy… hence me popping this blog up much later than intended (excuses… excuses!).


We had some fabulous feedback from visitors to the show and some wonderful coverage from businesses and bloggers about the room set, and for that we can’t thank the awesome suppliers enough!

Check out the beautiful products and companies below.


From LimeLace we had:

  • Mineheart Blink Cushion
  • Mineheart Feather Table Lamp  
  • Ibride Galerie De Portraits Oval Trays – Achille, Isild and The Love Birds 
  • Black And Gold Convex Mirror

From JoLee we had:

  • A Litter of Babydogs
  • A Trio Of Eyeballs 

From Magna Lighting we had:

  • Prima Chandelier 
  • Wire Frame Lounge Chair 

From Cath Chamberlain we had:

  • Three Bespoke Hand Woven Cushions 

From Feather we had:

  • English Rose Velvet Cushion
  • Machair Cotton Fabric

From Loaf we had:

  • Black Marv Floor Lamp
  • Yellow Reader Armchair
  • Banyan Mirror
  • Wonder-Full Console Table
  • Nuzzler Sheepskin Rug 

From Audenza we had:

  • Hygeia Bust
  • Feather Wall Hangings 
  • Wall Hanging Zebra Vase 
  • Standing Zebra Vase

From Charlotte Murphy we had:

  • White Leather Sheepskin Cushion
  • Black Leather Cushion

From That Cosy Feeling we had:

  • Merino Wool Bedding 
  • Sheepskin Throws And Rugs

From Valspar we had:

  • Village Smithy Black 
  • Himalayan Birch White

I wouldn’t normally admit such thoughts BUT… it was very hard to do the right thing and send these items back to the makers and suppliers… I wanted to keep everything! (Just to clarify nothing went ‘missing in the post’… all products made it back to sender! *cries* )



The wonderful JoLee got me all chocked and speechless after visiting me on the first day of Grand Designs Live, she told me I wasn’t to return the wonderful Burslem (below) and that he was infact a thank you gift! I have been obsessing over JoLee’s wonders for a while now, she creates such quirky talking point ceramics! THANK YOU JoLee you wonderful human you! Make sure you head over to Jolee’s website to check out the rest of her creations.

Again, a humungous THANK YOU to everyone that helped bring the design to life!