Trend, shhmeeeends! – Top tips on nailing your OWN style

Trend, shhmeeeends! – Top tips on nailing your OWN style

Trend, shhmeeeends! – Top tips on nailing your OWN style


Every few months we are hit with ‘Interiors trend this, interiors trend that’ – and if I’m totally honest at the best of times I think nooooo!!

Don’t get me wrong I love looking at what the glossies think will be big this season, but I often find it can be so restricting for some interior inspiration hunters.


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Lots of people who buy the ‘what’s on trend’ magazines and who read those online articles want to find a ‘quick fix’ to get their rooms looking perfect. Sadly though, there is no quick fix if you’re after your perfect space. Nine times out of ten you certainly won’t find the whole look in-between the ‘trend’ pages.


For me your ‘perfect’ is what you yourself love, not what the ‘on trend’ article tells you should love this season.

Here are my tops 5 way to create your perfect space!


  • When starting to create your perfect space ignore those on trend articles! I mean, you don’t have to stick the pages together or anything drastic like that, but don’t take to much notice of the overall look – It may still be the perfect place to find those beautiful accessories.


  • Keep your most favourite furnishing or accessory in mind. Something you already own can quite often be a great place to start, simply because you know you love it! When you have this item in mind, strip it back. What do you love about it? Is it the colour? The style or the era it comes from? All these are the perfect staring place for you to expand the whole design from.


  • Don’t second think it! If you come up with something you love the thought of but it may seem a little ‘off the wall’ stick with it, what’s the worst that can happen! Unless you are cladding the walls with gold panelling (a questionable option – but no judgement here!) then most things can be undone – so go with you gut!


  • Have fun! If your not enjoying the process you need to step back and rethink it! A winning ‘perfect you’ design should get you really excited for the outcome, and with that allows you do enjoy from start to finish.

Now… time to have fun! enjoy.