‘No One Lives Like You’ – Fallen for Bolia!

‘No One Lives Like You’ – Fallen for Bolia!

No One Lives Like You‘ – Totally fallen for Bolia!

Bolia, Bolia, Bolia… It was love at first sight!

Ok, so I better explain my smitten self! Bolia is a heavenly Scandinavian interiors store I stumbled upon whilst visiting Cologne in December, it was one of those ‘wow at first entrance’ kind of stores.

From the products themselves, through to how they’ve merchandised, it was simply beautiful! I honestly didn’t want to leave; in fact, when I did eventually force myself to vacate, I demanded one of the sales staff should pack up the shop and bring it to the UK immediately! He said “it won’t be long”, no doubt he thought that would be the only answer that would result in me actually leaving. But, regardless – here’s hoping!

Allow me to give your eyes a well-deserved treat!….

I know… WOW right?!


I love how they have zoned-off the corners of their two floored store with the use of colour. Pretty much every wall was a different dramatic colour, each styled in a way that made you feel instantly at home! 

Bolia’s mantra is ‘No One Lives Like You’ which I couldn’t love more! It sits nicely with what I say (more often than I possibly should) – your interiors should say – YOU!


Image from Bolia website

Even their brochure is perfection!


Head on over to their website and fall in love!