Don’t Be A Faux Scrimper!

Don’t Be A Faux Scrimper!

If you’re anything like me, you buy houseplants on a monthly basis… not just because you adore them and love your home looking a little ‘jungle’ but because you simply can’t keep the real stuff alive for long enough!

I feel your pain, I really do!

Indoor greenery is one of my musts in any space, you just can’t have enough!. However, I also realise that at times it feels like you need to take on a third job (the second job obviously being your part-time plant carer position) just to pay for the abundance of stand-in plants! RIP!

In the last year, I can happily say I am starting to manage this plant nurturing malarkey! I can proudly announce that I currently own a rubber tree that has been in my care for over 6months now! and still going strong (touch wood). It’s still rather touch and go with the rest.


Thankfully for us, some kind soles have taken pity on us poisonous green fingered lot and have made that ‘jungle look’ more achievable – hellooooo faux plants!

I’m not talking about those sad silk roses and neon green shiny plastic vine leafs that literally make me want to cry. I’m talking about the queens of faux flowers and foliage.

When it comes to faux foliage, you certainly get what you pay for! If you opt for the cheap and cheerful, they scream, “fake” as soon as someone enters your home – no cheerful about them in my opinion!

The above are all 99p from eBay – Cheap yes but beyond awful!

A good faux botanical isn’t the cheapest purchase I know. It needs to be seen more as an investment… after all, you know these guys won’t croak on you after all the hard work you’ve put in! There is an incredible choice of extremely good Faux out there, of which people wouldn’t even question the ‘realness’ of!

Huraaaaaaar! Rejoice fellow poisonous green fingers!

Feather Eucalyptus from Wyld Home

Poppies in Blush from Cox & Cox

Goldenball Cactus from Abigail Ahern

Senecio Succulent from Wayfair

Mixing your real with a handful of good faux botanicals is the way to keep your sanity and create a beautiful space filled with greenery. Mixed together no one will tell the difference! 

Get layering with faux and reduce that monthly plant shop!