Obsessing Over Colour Blocks

Obsessing Over Colour Blocks

Since my most recent Grand Design room set, I’ve been totally obsessing over block colours in a space. Over the last few months, I have noticed more and more schemes featuring these. Meaning my love for these grows and grows.

Image from MarieClaireMaison.com

Image from Pinterest

There are so many reasons to introduce blocks of colour in your home – here a few:

  • It can be a quick and fairly easy way to give a room instantly more character.
  • If you are struggling to narrow down a colour palette you like to one or two, you can incorporate them all!
  • If you’re not a fan of wall accessories/artwork, using colour blocks brings back interest points.
  • It’s a great way to break up large width wall space.
  • It’s fun!!

Image taken from Studio11.by

Image taken from thehoxton.com

Certain areas of a home can attract unintended attention. For example, a fireplace wall is an automatic attention grabber, but if like me – you don’t want the norm to be the norm in your home. Instead of making more of a feature, out of a feature, throw in some block colours on the adjacent wall. This won’t take all that much away from your lovely fireplace wall… but will extend out the feature. Meaning you are creating more interesting focal points throughout the space.

Styled by Edwards Moore for Dulux

You can go crazy with what colour you wish to use – my key tip for this is to keep the tone the same. So don’t go choosing a primary blue to team up with a dusty, chalky orange. Now that will be an area of unwanted attention!