The Dreaded Starting Line

The Dreaded Starting Line

For some, starting a redesign is the hardest thing possible! Even just the thought of it can be enough to make you want to run off to a sunnier climate!

The best way to get you right over that starting line as soon as physically possible is one word – Moodboard!!

Here are my key points to achieving that stress-free starting point;


  • Don’t overthink it! Sounds simple I know, but mood boards can quite easily become over thought and in the end can look like a hot mess! You initially need to keep it really simple, only allowing the items and colourways you truly love to make the cut.


  • The best way you can ever start a design is to literally stash away everything you love. Cut out and keep all inspirational images you come across in your favourite magazines. Pinterest is also a great place to find tons of unique styles, but don’t just ‘Pin’ them to never be seen again. Make sure you print them off and pop them with all your other finds. It’s much easier to physically piece something together as opposed to digitally.


  • Creating interest everywhere possible on the board. I find one of the best ways to do exactly that is by adding texture, so adding a splodge of paint and pieces of fabric. Mix these with the inspiring images you cut from magazines along with perfect those finds you came across on Pinterest and you’ll be on to a winner.


  • Don’t just add the obvious! So, for example, if you are trying to design a living room, don’t just include the key pieces like a sofa and console table. Make sure you add accessories like plants, coffee table books and candles, to even teeny trinket bowls that will sit on the mantelpiece. These items soften the overall look of the board and can bring the design together.

That’s it! If you nail those points you’ll be well away to getting closer to your perfect space!

If that fails… give me a call! Have a very happy Easter!