So, it’s the start of March, have you stuck to those new years ‘interior’ resolutions so far? Is your home looking exactly like you promised yourself it would do by now?

NOOO” I hear you scream in despair!

You’ve still not got passed turning the page corners of inspirational spaces in those numerous interior mags you seem to be collecting, in the hope, you’ll just wake up one morning and ‘pouf’’ those marvellous little decorating fairies have done the whole thing for you… and guess what, they don’t even want paying!!


I’m really sorry to break it to you, but those little fellas just don’t exist!

I know, it’s really hard to focus on giving your home that promised 2018 makeover when there are so many other items on the 2018 ‘to see through until the end’ agenda.

If the thought of even starting the work is too painful to entertain for more than 20minuites, then (don’t hate me) to be brutally honest with you, you’re doing it all wrong!


As cheesy as it sounds, you really need to fall in love with the idea and design that could be your new looking space.

As an Interior Stylist I would totally say this anyway, but turning that room that you’re too bored to even wander through to reach the living room into somewhere you don’t ever want to leave, is one of the most fun and satisfying things to tick of that to do list!

The best way of achieving this is to stick to a plan of action, do not stray from it and you are sure to fall in-love and dare I say enjoy the whole process!

Follow these step-to-step points to keep you on track to finally pop a big fat tick in that 2018 ‘interiors’ to do box!

  • Un-trend yourself! It’s so easy getting caught up with what is ‘on trend’, but this is one of the first things you need to forget about. Creating your perfect space is not about what someone tells you, you should love this season… it’s about what YOU love, and with that what will stay around for potential years to come.
  • Print is key! I speak for many interior lovers when I say Pinterest is a brilliant tool, BUT it’s rather like taking photos on your phone, nothing is ever done with these snaps or Pins afterwards. Make sure you print out all those images that stop you in your tracks.
  • Paper hoarder! When flicking through the glossy mags cut out everything that makes you think wow! Pop them in a dedicated interiors box along with your printed Pinterest finds and any fabric samples you feel you simply can’t live without.
  • Now it’s getting serious! Woohoo, go you! Doing the above now means you are so so close to that perfect space you’ve wished for. Now, time to empty out that box and pick out the things you love most about each image/fabric sample. Is it that wonderful floor lamp in the corner of the room in one? If so cut it out and discard the rest. Or is it simply the wall colour? If so get down to your local paint store and get a sample pot to match.
  • Back to school you go! I’m sure everyone remembers the good old ‘cut and stick’ days! Well, this step is exactly what all those hours of practice at school have been for! It’s mood board time! Grab an A3 piece of card and sick all the things you truly love to the board (even if at the time it seems a little mad) make sure you put a nice big brush stroke of the paint colours you like on there also.
  • Tea break – You’ve earned it! Grab your mood board and a lovely hot cuppa and take a good hard look at what you have created. Nine times out of ten without even realising, you will have found your very own style. It may be that your mood board is full of chunky wooden shelving and rusty large-scale light pendants – You’re a lover of the Industrial look. Or like me, you may end up with lots of different textures and animal-related paraphernalia, but you’ve homed in two or three main colourways – You are a lover of the eclectic look.
  • Go with it! Now you’ve found your style naturally, go with it and shop those items and colours that made it on to your board.
  • Put your feet up and enjoy! That 2018 to do list is now looking much smaller!