An Interview with Award-winning Interior Designer, Rebecca Jones.

An Interview with Award-winning Interior Designer, Rebecca Jones.

An Interview with Award-winning Interior Designer, Rebecca Jones

At Dappled Interiors, we are extremely proud to have the award-winning Rebecca Jones in the driving seat providing our clients with stunning, daring and downright gorgeous interior design like nowhere else.

And, as she works away in her vibrant studio nestled in the Staffordshire countryside with her trusty side-kick Hugo, we grabbed a cuppa to find out exactly where her inspiration comes from and what clients can expect when they go on a Dappled Interiors adventure…

So where does your inspiration come from?

                  Oh, anywhere and everywhere! It can be really random too. I saw some sheep ornaments in a shop recently, and they were covered in a beautiful Indian fabric. It inspired me to go on and create a whole room with that vibrant Indian style and passion for colour. From a simple, sleek car finish to packaging in a supermarket, inspiration can come from anywhere. And that’s what makes my job so exciting! I don’t know where the adventure will go next.

What would you say is your favourite time period for design?

                  I couldn’t possibly pick one! I think it’s great to hand-pick various aspects from all eras. I love creating an amalgamation of antique and modern which reflects my client’s style perfectly.

How does texture play a role, as well as colour in a room?

                  It might just be the most important aspect of a room! Texture tells a story and really evokes different emotions as our sense of touch and sight together are so powerful. Different textures bring in extra elements and a range of depths to a room which colours alone cannot. It also enables us to create different areas of interest in a room so wherever you look you are met with an interesting aspect to evoke the feeling you desire.

Why do you feel it so important to be bold and individual with interior design?

                  It is so easy to just buy ‘on trend’. The high streets like to tell us what to buy, what is ‘cool’ right now and what is perfect for us. You haven’t been able to express exactly what you like, and the high street simply cannot reflect everyone’s personality and style. If you’re bold, if you’re daring, and if you’re passionate about making the space perfect for you, it’s got to really be all about you, rather than all about the trends right now. More personality means more love for the space you spend your time.

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