10 Reasons To Use An Interior Designer

10 reasons to use an interior designer

Well, the Dappled Interiors’ brand new website is now live! We’re sure you’ll find something you’ll love when it comes to interior design.

But, whilst you’ll find a great selection of interior design inspirational tips, colours, furnishings and more on our site to make your space perfect for you, we are all about working closely with our clients to give a professional touch and creative eye over each and every aspect. See, at Dappled Interiors, our award-winning designer Rebecca Jones is not only a professional and highly regarded in her field, she has a fabulous flair for making your dappled interiors story a unique one and expertly tailored around you.

But why should you use a professional and not just go it alone when it comes to interior design? Here’s our top ten reasons why working with an interior designer is SO worth it…

  • Save Money: It might sound a bit strange, because hiring an interior designer obviously costs money. However we can help you avoid any costly mistakes that will not only save money but also increase the value of the property we work with you on. Especially if we work with you in a residential setting; a beautifully designed space will sell more easily and quickly.


  • Budget Planning: You obviously have a figure in mind for what you have available for your project, but whatever that figure may be, we can help you spend it where it matters. And, we know exactly where to find everything from the big to the small details, saving you time researching endless shops and suppliers.


  • Professional Assessment: Having a trained, experienced professional working by your side on your design will not only give a more stunning finishing touch, but it will ensure you spend your budget more efficiently. We know what works, what is worth the extra money and what can be cut back to create the perfect space. We may just notice something you may not, which will ultimately save time and money further down the line.


  • Resources at our fingertips: We have a wealth of experience when it comes to interior design, which means we have a long-list of connections in the world of decoration, furniture and furnishings to ensure your space hosts the best and most beautiful of products available right now. This will ensure your space is not only perfect for you but collaborates the perfect details available to you.


  • Liaising: If you are working on a large scale project such as a brand new build, we can help create a strong relationship between you and your contractors to ensure you get the final result you want and need. If we are on board from the start, we can ensure the elements needed for the finishing touches, such as electrical fittings for beautiful lighting and space for that dreamy sofa to go right where you want it are all there from the beginning.
  • Contacts: Finding reliable, professional and experienced contractors can cause a headache for many. You need people you can trust on your home or office, and with our experience, we can help point you in the right direction with tried and trusted contractors we have worked with in the past.


  • Trained and Experienced: You are no doubt a professional within the field you work in. You have the training and experience to back you up to be the best you can be. And that is exactly what we are all about too. With our schooling to give us the credentials and years of experience to back up our integrity and belief in our service, you’ll be giving your space the opportunity to be the best it can be.


  • Home Sale: Whilst we are all about creating the perfect space just for you, if you do ever decide to move home or sell your property, we can help increase viewings and saleability. This can decrease the amount of time your home sits on the market and potentially increase the sale price – Win-win!


  • Wow factor: Let’s face it, we all want our space to have a little of this! Our team are trained in giving your space that panache you have been looking for. We look at your space differently and think outside the box to surprise and delight.


  • Telling Your Story: You know Dappled Interiors is all about your Style Story! But interior design is an art that enables you tell to tell a visual story through colour and texture. With our experience and dedication to ensuring the perfect finish, you can sit back and let the story unfold.

And what can be a better reason than that?


Let your Dappled interiors Style Story begin…