Let your Dappled Interiors Story Begin…

Let your Dappled Interiors Story Begin…

Let your Dappled Interiors Story Begin…

At Dappled Interiors, we don’t just treat every project as a simple step-by-step course we have to get through. Although the process for you is a smooth one, it should always be an exciting journey of discovery through design and style.

As you’ll see from our site, and from your free initial consultation with Rebecca, our award-winning interior designer, we have a strong focus on the feeling of ‘adventure’.


Every person is different. And just like the great classic novels we all know and love, all the characters are different; there are no two characters the same. And it’s this concept which carries our idea that every project is an adventure.

As it is your unique personality, character and passions which we hope to reflect in our interior design for you, its exciting to see where the journey might take us! From sumptuous, deep and gorgeous colour choices, to quirky, unique and interesting furniture pieces, every element of our ideas will reflect your style and your desire for a dream space designed just for you, and just around you.

Let’s start from chapter one. Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin…


Chapter One: The First Contact: It’s an exciting moment of any story! It’s through this phone call, email or social media contact where we begin to really get a feel for your personality and style. And, you can get a sense of our professional yet personal approach to all our work.

Chapter Two: Let’s meet up: Technology is fantastic isn’t it? But there’s nothing like a good old-fashioned chin-wag over a cup of tea. This is where you can learn more about how we can bring your rooms to life, push boundaries with your sense of style and make your brilliant personality shine through. This is where the tale starts to unfold!

Chapter Three: The Plot Thickens: Any great story has a rising sense of anticipation towards a big moment. And this is the moment you receive our proposal bursting with ideas and inspiration. It’s here where you can see our passion for the wonderfully unique and our desire for delicious colours blended with tantalizing textures beautifully packaged into a perfect proposal with a full breakdown of everything you need to know. Your Dappled interiors story is turning into a real page-turner!

Chapter Four: The Adventure Begins: Of course, we’ve been raring to go since Chapter One and now you’ve hopped on board, the adventure really begins! Once you’re happy with our ideas, we can really get to work on bringing everything to life and turning those ideas on the page into a tantalising, tangible result just for you.

Chapter Five: The Mission Lowdown: All great adventures need careful planning. And to turn your Dappled Interiors story into a bestseller, we’ll ensure you have all the full schedule, timeline and details you need to be right up to date with our plans and progress. We already love working on your project. It’s all about giving you peace of mind that everything is taken care of, and you’ll have the perfect ending you’ve been reading for.

Chapter Six: Your Personal Dappled Interiors Story: As your Dappled Interiors story is worth saving and sharing for years to come, you’ll have your very own copy full of memories of our journey together. Ideas, inspiration, colours, mood boards, furniture, plots and plans all leading to the final, stunning results.

Are you ready to let your Dappled Interiors Story begin? Then get in touch today to arrange your free consultation!