A Studio Tour

A Studio Tour

At Dappled interiors, we appreciate that you need to know that you are working with professionals. We know how important it is that you can trust our professionalism and understand exactly how we work, where we work and with whom we work to create your dream space. Letting us into your home or office is often a private matter, so we want to ensure you are as comfortable as can be, enjoy working with us and love what we do.

So, on the blog this week, we thought we’d give you all an insight into our studio! Just like you give us an insight into your life to give us a great platform to create the perfect interior space for you, we want to do the same. This is our little haven of creativity, where we let those initial notes and ideas transform into tangible results and vibrant, imaginative ideas along your Dappled Interiors Story.

So, let us take you on a photographic tour around our studio and give you a little peek into how we work when we come back to the office to start on your style adventure!

Inspiration Cabinet

This is where it all begins! Although we will come away from our initial consultation with you buzzing with ideas and an anticipation to get started, we will often grab a cup of coffee and have a mooch through our favourite inspirational designer book collection and magazines. We’ll make a few notes and draw out our preferred colours, textures and styles which we know we can adapt and build upon for your own personal story. It’s always great to take a moment of calm at the start of a great adventure and really get a good grasp on where it needs to go.

Digital Desk

Rebecca’s computer is always a hive of activity! Whether she is giving you all the latest updates from the studio and letting you know what she has been up to, she’s researching the shopping list or even sketching out her initial design ideas, it’s a busy desk and buzzing with creativity!

Mood board Station

We recently installed this station into the studio and it is already a well-loved component. This is where Rebecca compiles all of her stylish elements which go into the mood board designs. It’s these mood boards which set the president for the style of your interiors and we will keep referring back to them when working on your style story. These are a fabulous reference to look back on at the end of the project as to where it all began and having this station to creative beautiful mood boards is great.

Working Wall

This wall stretches the whole length of the Dappled Interiors Studio. It is a bustling, constantly evolving wall of ideas and working examples of the projects we are involved with. From fabrics and layout options to evolving photographs throughout the project, this wall is used by Rebecca all day every day to create a vibrant, budding piece of inspiration throughout each and every Dappled Interiors story. Each time you walk into the studio, it looks completely different!

The Fabric Library

This is possibly one of Rebecca’s favourite parts of the studio! This is where we draw inspiration for the furnishings and fabulous finishing touches to your Dappled Interiors adventure. We have a gorgeous selection of fabrics in this library for a diverse range of styles and uses. From dramatic drapes and colourful curtains to fabulous footstools and cute cushions, our fabric library is sure to host the perfect collection of colours and textures you desire to create the dream look. We will often visit this library throughout a project to gather more ideas, but it will certainly be put to good use towards the end when we are looking for the final elements to finalise your room beautifully.

So there you have it! The Dappled Interiors Studio! We hope you liked having a little nosy into how we work. To find out more about Rebecca and the Dappled Interiors commercial or residential design services, just give us a call! It’s always good to hear from you!

Your Dappled Interiors story might just be ready to begin…