Our Inspiration – June 2018

Our Inspiration – June 2018

Our Inspiration – June 2018

You know we love sharing little snippets of what is really getting us motivated, creative and excited in the studio here at Dappled Interiors. So, if you take a look at the Our Inspiration page on the website, you’ll find a gorgeous swatch selection of the very best in furniture, furnishings, accessories and colour which has really got us inspired each month.

And June has been no exception! We are working with a range of clients at the moment. Some of whom need a select room in their home designed to be their ultimate paradise all to themselves. Others need a full house completely transforming or an office space given a fresh look. So our inspiration for this month has found many forms in a variety of places…

Product: The product that has really caught our eye this month is this Tom Dixon Air Scent Diffuser. Now, we aren’t afraid to admit we do love a good scent wafting around the studio to relax us during busy times, but this will not only smell fantastic, but look stunning in any room too. It blends notes of neroli, pink pepper and orange flower to create a crisp floral fragrance through the charcoal stick. And with the delicate hand applied gold lettering it is just beautiful. We love interiors that engage all the senses, and this really does do that!

Magazine: One of our favourite parts of the job has to be having a great excuse to buy the latest gorgeous glossies and flick through for the latest and greatest in interior design. Our studio often has a scattering of a variety of magazines, but Elle Decoration was the one that really caught the eye of our interior designer Rebecca Jones this month! The latest issue gave us a sneak peak into the most gorgeous holiday homes around the globe, so we went on a design adventure all over the world with Elle Decoration this month; without even leaving our studio in Staffordshire!

Fabric: We are firm believers that the perfect fabrics finish a room perfectly. It’s all about blending beautiful colours with the right textures to create not only the right aesthetic, but a great feel – A full sensory experience. And this Torcello fabric from Osborne and Little does exactly that. An elaborate horizontal pattern composed of ornamental floral motifs, scrolling leaves and trelliswork in chinoiserie style. Torcello is a largely abandoned island in the Venice Lagoon famed for its basilica with Byzantine mosaics. We love the intricate nature of this fabric which would catch your eye in a different way each time you entered a room – Style that never gets boring!

Colour: It’s summer time here in the UK right now (Not that the weather would always suggest so), so interiors, clothes, shops and more are filled with bright, effervescent colours which are ‘in your face’ and loud. However, we found comfort in this Rouge 2 shade this month which is both playful and summery with a more sophisticated elegance and charm.

So there you have it! The four top inspirations we’ve loved this month – What’s inspired you on your style story in June?

If you’re stuck for ideas and need some help from our design experts, get in touch!