Blending Colours and Textures

Blending Colours and Textures

When people begin thinking about their perfect room or home, they consider what colour they’ll have, the furniture they’ll have or those dreamy finishing touches to make it their own. However, one really important consideration, which is often missed, can make or break the perfect room design. Texture; It has the power to add an extra dimension, real depth and interesting features within a space.

But where do we start when working with our clients on texture, and what textures will work with your colours?

Texture and Emotion: Firstly, texture no longer confines your room to just a visual element to take in with just lines and colour. It allows you to determine exactly how your room feels. Whether the surface is smooth, rough, course of fine will enable you to evoke different feelings and emotions. So what emotions people want to evoke within a room enables us to hone in on what textures we need to create it. For instance, a bedroom is often desired to be relaxing, comfortable and calming, whereas a bathroom may need to be fresh, bright and energising. Both of these require very different colours and textures.

Texture and Scale: The size of a room is also important to consider when introducing different textures. Rough textures can make an object seem heavier, denser and larger, so can sometimes make what is actually a large room feel smaller. Whereas smooth, shiny or soft textures make furniture or furnishings seem lighter and brighter which can open up a small space.

For me the perfect space is a good balance of all. You can certainly have too little texture in a space, but in my eyes you can never have too much!

Texture and Light: Again, depending on how you want to feel in a room can determine how light and bright you wish it to be. Softer, smoother objects make a room feel brighter by reflecting more light and make a room feel airy and more modern. Courser textures such as deep pile rugs and woven fabrics reflect less light making a room slightly darker and cosier; perfect for a rustic, warm feel.

So when you’re considering the perfect space just for you, don’t forget to incorporate texture as this is often the most poignant element to crafting that dream look.

We work really hard on deciding the best textures to blend with colours for our clients. This is because, whilst colour of course plays a huge role in determining the look of a room, it’s texture that ultimately creates the feel of it.

Just get in touch with us today and find out how we can help you bring all these elements together in your home or office to do just that!