Our Inspiration – July 2018

Our Inspiration – July 2018

At Dappled Interiors, our primary business is of course helping our clients create beautiful spaces they just love to be. In order to do this we draw from inspiration all around us. It can come from the most random of places and the most surprising times! Whether it’s our drive into the studio one morning and spotting the colour of somebody’s jacket, or noticing the groovy lighting of a restaurant at the weekend. Or sometimes Rebecca notice the colour of a flower in a field on a weekend walk with Hugo and it will inspire the full palette on a commercial office interior design.


And with that, each month we like to share snippets of design inspiration we’ve found. And July was a really fun month! We recently worked with a regular client of our redesigning their office space and meeting rooms which was great fun and a cool contrast from the luxurious bathroom and lounge interior we are creating for a residential client. So, here’s what’s got us excited about interiors last month…


Fabric: If you can’t have some fun with fabrics, then where can you add a cheeky splash of personality in your interiors? This Opulent Octopus Stripe Fabric from House of Hazel is simply gorgeous. It’s both timeless and cool whilst giving a cheeky glint of personality and charm to a room. This would look great on a cushion, throw or even canvas on a feature wall and we love it!

Colour: Funkytown is just that. When you imagine a softer colour palette, that doesn’t automatically mean it has to be boring. This Funkytown shade is soft enough to be subtle but deep enough to have a strong presence in a room.

Product: How snazzy is this rug? It’s called The Door Rug from Editions by Christopher Farr. It captures a colourful graphic approach to painting through soft woollen fibres. A limited number of 150 of these rugs were made those, so if you fancy yourself one of these beauties you’ll have to be quick!

Magazine: It’s not often we really get time to tuck into a gorgeous glossy magazine, but we do have a collection in the studio which are great to turn to for inspiration. And Icon magazine never disappoints! This magazine celebrates all that’s new, interesting and timeless in architecture and design so it’s great to grab ideas and learn about the latest and greatest in the industry.

Lighting: If you’re a client of ours, you’ll know the emphasis we like to put on the importance of the right lighting for a room. And that’s why we love this Globe Pearl Drop Ceiling Light from Rocket St George. It has a wonderful sense of calm and tranquillity about it yet it uber cool; what’s not to love?

Book: It’s important as a designer to constantly be learning, evolving and engaging with the world of design. And Style and Substance; The Best of Elle Décor is a wonderful book to do just that. It offers a closer look and sneak peak at some of the best and most wonderful rooms the magazine has featured over the years. You don’t have to be an interior designer yourself to appreciate the splendour of these designs, and they are great to handpick your favourite colours, furnishings and accessories to create your own dream space.

If you find a wonderful piece of interior design inspiration, don’t forget to tweet us @DappledDecor – We’d love to hear from you! And of course, get in touch if you’d like to work with our team and our award-winning interior designer, Rebecca.