Quick Summer Style Refreshes

Quick Summer Style Refreshes

Remember all that ‘new year new me’ stuff we always go on about at the beginning of each year? Maybe you went the whole hog and redesigned your wardrobe, joined the gym and decorated your whole house! But, when we are half-way through the year, that motivation and excitement of all things new can get a bit tired. And, in the height of this summer which we are currently enjoying (Or not enjoying, depending on how much you’re loving this heatwave!) having a big re-design in your house can seem like a lot of effort.

So, how can we give our house a bit of a boost and a vibrant new lease of life, without having to put in all the time and effort it would need? After all, less time working on the house means more time with our feet up, cool cocktail in hand and a good magazine…


Find Some Shade: If your lamps and lighting are looking a little tired and of a more winter-time style, you don’t have to buy a whole new lamp to change the look. There are so many stunning and stylish lampshades out there which can transform the look of your lighting and really lift a room! You’ll be surprised how much of a change this simple switch can make. And you can always swap back to your warmer, winter shade style as the nights draw in. Opt for lighter materials, brighter, bolder, juicy colours that really shout ‘summer fun’. A small yet statement change like this can offer a zesty enthusiasm into any room.

Store Your Stuff: It’s hard to keep the whole house tidy if you have a house full of kids or have a hectic work schedule. So, be sure to invest in some simple, clever storage solutions that you can just chuck the toys away at the end of the day or store all those beloved shoes out of sight. Storage should be a practical item in any home, but it can also be stylish too. Check out benches and ottomans which serve a storage and seating purpose but compliment the style in that room, the colour and the look you’re going for.

Accessorize:This is the fun bit! Get rid of those warm, deep candle colours and replace with bright, bold and exuberant shades! You don’t have to light them if a candlelit evening isn’t your thing, but a bold candle collection in a room promotes a wonderful relaxed vibe. And of course, don’t forget your cushions! It’s amazing what a simple change to your cushions can do for the look of your sofa and chairs. You can really give your seating a wonderful summer refresh by replacing the cushion covers with some fun sunshine colours, patterns and images.

So, whether you’re a big fan of this heatwave or you’d rather hide inside from the power of its rays – Give your home a simple refresh and celebrate the summer in style in your home.

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