Interior styles explained


This look can merge many styles many textures and many time periods. The main colour pallet varies for this look, but tends to pick out a number of colours that will continue throughout. It’s about ‘going crazy’ with texture and furnishings but homing it in with colour.


A stripped back minimal look. Pale colour ways creating a bright/light look with a lot of elegance. Straight lines and lots off woody natural furnishings.


Bare brick / rough concreate finished walls make a regular appearance within this style. Furnishings look sturdy, non-fussy mainly using robust martials.  Vintage/ reclaimed items work perfectly with this look.


Clean lines, no mess – less is more in this case. Mainly using white tones with the occasional addition of a touch of black for contrast. Not unusual to see a slight pop of colour here and there – but very ‘minimal’


Carefree, travelled and fun vibe. Lots of layered mixed textiles, Moroccan and tribal inspired cushions and rugs are right at home within this look.


Keeping with a Light and airy vibe, this style tends to stick by light whitewashed colours with blue accents regularly making an appearance. Lots of sea themed accessories like drift wood frames to light coloured rope knots for doorstops make the look unmistakably Nautical.

Shabby Chic

The one we can surly all spot a mile off nowadays. This look relies on those distressed looking furnishings. From vintage mirrors were the glass has that ‘aged’ look to a light floral linen sofa with lime-washed wooden feet.  


This is rather a broad style which mainly comes down to simplicity. Using non fussy simple colour pallets with grey scale and monochromes being a strong contender within the finished look. Clean straight lines and non cluttered surfaces & shelves are a must.    

Mid-centaury modern

This style gives off lots of 50s/60s vibes. Using those time periods to select furniture and light fittings. Lots of woods, cleans lines and bright bold pops of colours.

Hollywood Glam

This look most certainly focuses in on luxury. Bold colours, crushed velvet sofas, statement grand wallpapers and big beautiful striking light fittings – chandeliers always work well within thus style. A ‘not shy’ look overall.